Why Environmental Consulting is Important for Your Business

June 6, 2023

Are you looking to make your business more sustainable? Discover how an environmental consultant can help guide your business toward a greener future.

As our world enters an environmental crisis, we expect all businesses, organisations, and communities to meet policies that will help restore and sustain the wellbeing of our planet.

But from net zero strategies to carbon reduction management and energy-efficient solutions, there is a lot for business owners to consider alongside running their business.

In this piece, we discuss the importance of environmental consultancy and how it can help your company meet its environmental obligations while building a positive and competitive reputation on the market.


Environmental consultants help businesses and organisations meet and satisfy various environmental regulations, policies and projects with their business strategy, practices and operations.

Now all businesses and organisations must minimise their environmental impact, if not eradicate it completely. Such measures include standards like waste management, water pollution and the overall carbon footprint of a business or organisation.

Environmental consultants work across private and public sectors, protecting and lowering negative environmental impacts by encouraging various incentives and providing the necessary strategy to implement positive changes.


With extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and sustainable practices, environmental consultants are trained professionals who inform businesses and organisations of the correct procedures to implement to uphold their environmental responsibilities.

When companies invest in an environmental consultant, the individual assesses the organisation using scientific research methods and technical expertise.

An environmental consultant has a role of being both theoretical and practical, whether behind a desk or in the field. Environmental consultants provide expert advice on the best practices the business should administer to meet environmental compliance.


Now we know the roles and responsibilities that define an environmental consultant and consultancy firm, let’s look at why environmental consultancy is integral for your business.


With over 85% of the world’s population already feeling the repercussions of climate change, time is running out to sustain our environment in a biodiverse and ecological way that suits humanity and the planet.

The UK Government has established official policies and legislation that businesses and organisations must adhere to by law. Some of these environmental laws, alongside more general yet relevant regulations, include:

Control of Pollution Act – 1974

Wildlife and Countryside Act – 1981

Environmental Protection Act – 1990

Climate Change Act –2008

Planning and Energy Act –2008

Energy Act – 2020

The Environment Act 2021 provides the UK with a framework for environmental protection.


The UK Government has also incentivised a ‘Net Zero Strategy’ with policies to help meet zero carbon emissions by 2050. The act requires all UK companies to fulfil their net zero objectives across direct and indirect emissions with transition plans to meet these targets.

In an official report, the government claim we will have to reduce the annual emission rates by over 260 MtCO2e (Metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent).


And beyond the moral responsibility that comes with the current environmental situation, these issues have also fed into consumer values and brand loyalty. So much so, that consumers are now willing to pay more for products and services as long as it’s sustainable.

In 2020, only 50% of consumers across all generations were willing to spend more compared to 90% of Gen Z consumers in 2022. So, not only do businesses and organisations have an ethical and legal obligation, but they also face competition in the market if they fail to make sustainability and climate change a priority.

The same values apply to staff, whether attracting top candidates or retaining your best workers. Three-quarters of workers now want their employer to be more transparent on sustainability, alongside further collaborative incentives supporting the environment and continuing to create fresh opportunities for companies in the UK and abroad.

Despite these incentives, we can’t expect every single business owner to be a climate expert, especially when they’re too busy running a business.

Therefore, to manage the multiple avenues involved in battling climate change and environmental issues, environmental consultancies help advise organisations on the best processes and practices to serve these demands.


Environmental consultancy comes in various forms and specialities. Depending on your organisation, you may wish to consider some of the following services:

• Net zero consulting and strategy

• Carbon reduction strategy and management

• Energy management services

• Energy efficiency solutions and audits

• Carbon footprinting

• ESOS auditing and reporting

• SECR reporting and compliance

• Renewable projects

Whether you’re looking to meet the latest environmental compliance standards or need advice on re new able and energy-efficient solutions, an environmental consultancy can help your business begin building a greener future.

By investing in these services, your business will develop a positive reputation in your community while being a more attractive place for staff and business partners.


At Earth Hub, we help businesses and organisations shape a greener tomorrow with our specialist environmental consultancy services. Not only do we promise to help you implement sustainable practices that reduce your environmental impact, but we do it in ways where you save on costs.

Together, with a passionate, simplistic, and collaborative approach, we can work towards a greener and more sustainable future with your business at the centre.

So, if you’d like to learn more about our environmental consultancy services, explore our website and get in touch if you have any questions.

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